Jabber MUC List

The MUC (Multi User Chat) system in Jabber is a great way to collaborate, get help with a certain topic, or just have a friendly chat. However there doesn't seem to be any central database that keeps a listing of all MUCs that are available to join. So this Jabber robot has begun compiling a database of known Jabber servers with MUCs and will list all of the rooms it finds here. The ability to add your own server to the database will be coming soon, through an easy Jabber command you can send to the 'bot.

Introductory Post

Welcome to jabbering.org a new and exciting website that will showcase some of the capabilities of the Jabber Messaging/Presence Protocols. We hope to provide Jabber users and newcomers with some interesting examples of how Jabber can be used to augment a website and make the 'net in general a more connected experience for users. The possibilities for integrating Jabber into a website are endless, from online chat boxes to full scale monitoring and tracking of assets.

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